60 Savage partners who showed their true colors when living with a partner

Isn’t love grand? Two people meet, fall head over heels, and before long, they’re sharing a home. What could be more blissful, right? Well, as these 60 people proved, they realized their partner was a monster but not before it was too late. For these individuals, the famous saying, “Hindsight is 20/20” definitely applies.

1. Sloppy eater

You don’t even have to be a neat freak for this to drive you crazy. For one thing, this person has no clue how to eat properly. And for another, they’re too lazy to clean up after themselves.

2. It’s not that difficult

Opening packages of food isn’t hard. But as this husband pointed out, his wife doesn’t seem to understand the concept. Come on, this is ridiculous.

3. So close and yet so far

What’s wrong with this photo? Well, it seems this guy’s wife thinks it’s perfectly fine. It is if you don’t mind having a photo and shelf that aren’t even close to being aligned.

4. That’s gross

If you live with another person, it’s important to consider them when making decisions. Here’s a prime example. No one wants to use a tube of toothpaste that looks like that.

5. Not the cheesecake

This desert is rich and decadent so it deserves the upmost respect. Apparently, whoever cut this one doesn’t agree. They weren’t even close to getting it right.

6. Hairy masterpiece

After taking a shower, people should take a minute to clean up their hair. But one woman doesn’t agree. At least she uses it to create art.

7. On purpose or an accident?

Considering a wife does this every day, we’ll have to say it’s on purpose. As you can imagine, it drives her husband nuts. It also confuses her pets.

8. Testing fate

This man’s wife has suggested multiple times that he use a larger pan when making soup. But no, he wants to do it his way. And we’re guessing when it boils over, he expects her to clean up the mess.

9. It’s time for a new roommate

Monsters come in many forms, including roommates. One person didn’t feel the need to throw out the pumpkin after Halloween. We have one question…was this from 2020 or 2019?

10. A disaster in the making

Instead of putting food and beverages on her phone, perhaps this woman should use a paper plate. Seriously, what’s she thinking? Food particles and liquid can cause significant damage.

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