50 Photos that were supposed to be ordinary, but something went wrong


When we take photos, we usually do so with a certain subject in mind. We know what it is that we want to capture.

But sometimes, the universe has other plans.

There’s just so much going on around us that we inadvertently capture background noise sometimes. Or we just so happen to hit the button at perfectly the wrong time. The end result could be something funny, creepy, or just weird.

Take a look at these photos that appear normal but when you take a closer look, are actually quite odd!

Nobody’s Watching!


Aww, what an adorable picture of a woman and her daughter.

Wait, are they trying to shove that baby down a cannon? It appears so. This photo pretty much sums up the whole, “when mom has the kids” versus “when dad has the kids” thing.


Photobombing Is an Art


Apparently, they had this photo on their refrigerator for 6 years before even noticing the photobomb in the background.

This photobomb is clearly on another level.

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