50 People Who Did Not Get The Meals They Were Expecting

Most of the world has been on quarantine and staying at home for a quarter of a year has definitely made a lot of people miss going out and dining at restaurants with family and friends. It is always fun to enjoy good food while catching up with each other’s lives, releasing some stress, and just plain relaxing with the people you love to be with. Actually, staying at home is not bad as well, if you have really great food to eat with everyone in the house.

However, there are moments wherein the food served, whether on restaurants or via delivery, fail in such an epic level that you loose the mood to pig out altogether. We’re talking about these cringe-worthy food order fiascos that will surely get you to facepalm yourself in no time. They are absolutely disasters!

1. Cheesy onion rings

Who doesn’t want onion rings? They are delicious especially when filled with cheese! It’s just too bad this Nairobi restaurant did not know that they had to cook the onion and cheese to make the dish their customers were looking for

2. Did they get any discount?

Uhm, aren’t burgers supposed to have patties and the rest of the fillings in them? These buns were served with only ketchup in between and we’re wondering if the customer received a discount for this order.

3. Cheese cakes instead of cheese sticks?

Someone ordered cheese sticks to come with their pizza, and yet the restaurant ended up delivering cheese cakes instead. Where did they even get that many cheese cakes?

4. Extra pickles, please!

Some people love to have extra pickles in their sandwich and that’s fine, they can just ask the server and they will be more than glad to give them what they want. However, this sandwich right here has way beyond just an “extra” serving of pickles.

5. Is this new in the menu?

Are we seeing a new addition to McDonald’s menu? As far as we know, there are no ice cream sandwiches in their list of food offered, but then again this unusual burger makes us want to think something new is about to come…or not?

6. Secret recipe revealed?

Taco Bell has their own recipe but of course, that’s their secret. And a slab of carton is not supposed to be a part of that secret recipe, right? But here we are, looking at something we thought is not possible.

7. Did they hear it right?

Someone ordered an affogato, which is basically ice cream with espresso. What was served technically had that, but we can’t help but think that they might have heard the order wrongly or they simply wanted to add an avocado because it rhymes?

8. “Barely there” bacon

Of course, you can request for extra bacon in your food. And if you are nice enough, they will give you more and not some “barely there” bacon such as what this person received.

9. It’s technically correct, though.

This person ordered scrambled egg and wanted some cheese added. What he actually meant was to mix the cheese in the egg, but this is what he got instead. The order is technically correct, but who eats their eggs and cheese this way, right?

10. Too much mayo

Mayo makes a sandwich even more sumptuous. But too much of it can be quite disgusting, if you’d ask me.

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