49 Things that look very different depending on what country you are in

We don’t know about you, but one of our favorite things about traveling is being able to see how other cultures live their lives. There’s nothing more exciting than stepping foot in a foreign supermarket and seeing all of the different snacks that they have, or simply observing the locals as they go around their day-to-day business.

As the recent COVID pandemic has somewhat put our travel plans on hold, we thought that now would be a great time to share 58 pictures of things that look very different depending on what country you are in, just so that we can all look at them and pretend that we’re still traveling.

Get out your passports, because we’re going on an adventure!

1. The Designs On These Lipton Tea Cartons In Japan

Japan is the home of the cherry blossom tree, so of course their drinks cartons are going to be as beautiful as their landscapes. Did you spot that the boxes make the complete picture when they’re together? This design was so well thought out!

2. Certain Food Items Must Show Their Excess Of Unhealthy Ingredients On The Packaging In Mexico

We’re not sure how we’d feel about our food labels shouting at us if we made an unhealthy decision (everyone deserves a donut or two ever now and then) but this could be a good way to tackle America’s obesity problem. Translated, these messages read: “Excess Calories” “Excess Sugars” “Secretary of Health” “Contains Sweeteners not recommended for children” “Contains caffeine avoid for children.”

3. In Holland, Cool Ranch Doritos Are Called “Cool American”

Speaking as a European, it’s safe to say that no one quite knows what ranch dressing actually is. In the UK, this flavor is called ‘cool original.’ You know, just to make things even more confusing.

4. You Can Get Oreo Sticks In Asia. Best Used As A Straw To Slurp Milk

Dare we say it, but Oreos are one of the most overhyped cookies out there- but for all you Oreo fans, you might want to take a trip to Asia! Oreos were created with the intention to be dunked into milk, so it makes sense that the manufacturers in Asia decided to create a straw that you can literally slurp milk up with.

5. The American Sweets ‘Sour Patch Kids’ Are Called ‘Very Bad Kids’ In France

Imagine picking up your bag of candy, and saying, “Time to eat my very bad kids”? We’re not sure how well that would go down in other countries. Is this what happens if you’re a misbehaving child in France?

6. This Bag Of Ruffles I Bought In Mexico Came With A Hot Sauce Packet

Mexican food is known for its healthy dose of flavour, so we’re not in the least bit surprised that these chips came with their own hot sauce dip. In our eyes, everything should come with a hot sauce packet! Chips and dip is a revolutionary concept.

7. Red Solo Cups Labeled As “American” Cups In Netherlands

These red cups are in every US soap or movie especially if any teenagers/ college students appear- so it makes sense for them to be labelled as “American.” In the UK, they’re simply called red cups, and they’re only ever used in a party situation- thanks to the American influence!

8. In Asia We Have Pringle Noodles

You can expect to find just about every type of noodle in Asia, but admittedly, Pringle noodles were a pretty unexpected surprise to us. Pringles are known for being packed with flavor, so we actually think these noodles could be pretty tasty. And let’s just be clear, they are cup noodles with Pringle flavour. Not made of reconstituted potato. “Pringle” is only the flavor.

9. How To P*ss Off An American

As a British person who eats Smarties (the Nestle kind) on a regular, we had to do a bit of digging to find out why such a delicious snack could infuriate some Americans. We had no idea that American has their own candy called Smarties (and it’s not even chocolate!) We think we need to try it out, just for research purposes.

10. Canadian Kraft Macaroni Has A Fork On The Box While American Has A Spoon

Do you eat your macaroni with a spoon or a fork? We’d argue that the Canadians are right, as you can use your fork to help pick up the last few tubes in the bottom of the bowl! Maybe both countries could settle this debate by putting a spork on the box.

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