35 struggles that only people who grew up with siblings will ever understand

Having a sibling makes growing up more exciting. It’s knowing that you get to share the living space with another human and feel comfortable in those surroundings. No more will you feel lonely and in need of company. You’ll get all the love and attention you’ve ever asked for with a sibling by your side. Everything will be as nice and jolly as you pictured it this whole time!

Well, that’s what they told you before you actually got to spend some time with that sibling. In reality, sibling relationships are quite the challenge, to say the least. Every waking moment, siblings look forward to the one time of the day to really put their counterparts to shame.

The following 35 experiences recount moments that one has with their siblings during childhood. These are the moments that, for the most part, every “only-child” should feel lucky they never got to experience. If you’re an only kid, take a moment to count your blessings because these next 35 slides are sure to make you appreciate your peaceful childhood even more.

Rear Naked Chokeholds

You certainly won’t be missing much from this experience. Having small fights growing up is what having siblings is all about. The rivalry starts manifesting itself into knuckle sandwiches and, sooner or later, you start realizing why it’s better to just get along.

Never Talk Down

This is the face you put on when you realize your sibling decided to talk back to your parents. You want to make sure you eavesdrop as silently as possible without becoming a part of the problem. It’s every kid’s moment of glory to catch their sibling getting reprimanded by mommy and daddy, so don’t mess it up!


Sometimes you catch yourself in the wrong in the midst of a fight or argument. That’s totally okay if you can learn to control your feelings and act like the bigger sibling. Take the responsibility to do what’s right and make up for it, even if it started at your own hand!

Phony Fraternity

Phone chargers are an easy way to tick your sibling off. Siblings will often steal each other’s phone chargers so they can have a twisted advantage when using each other’s belongings. The name of the game is the more sharing, the more chances my sibling has to sabotage me one way or another. Gotta keep your wits about you!

Race To The Showers!

On your marks, get set, GO! That’s usually what goes off in your head as bath time approaches. It’s always a race to be the first one in the shower because, let’s face it, if you’re not first, then you’re last!

Shadow Of Youth

Being the younger sibling can be tough sometimes. It’s especially burdensome when you’re faced with living under the shadow of your older sibling, who can seemingly do no wrong in your parents’ eyes. All the more reason to have that motivation to out-do them whenever you get the chance. As a younger sibling, make sure to use that inner fire wisely.

Shut The Door Please!

Ah yes, favors. You could ask them all you want, but odds are, your older sibling is going to shoot you down. Besides the odd satisfaction of rejecting your younger kin, it’s also not the coolest thing to hang around people younger than you. Also, siblings like ruining each other’s sense of privacy since it can really get on their nerves so they detest doing favors for each other.

Escape From Alcatraz

You just evaded the parental units and you managed to find that one toy your sibling’s been hiding from you all this time. What are you going to do next? Try extracting yourself quietly without a trace. The quicker and more incognito you can do it, the less your sibling will be suspicious of your spying.

Favors Not Worth Asking

Is it possible to get away from doing your dirty work? Some siblings intend on having their smaller, inferior relative do their bidding for them. As long as the other sibling isn’t willing to rat out any names, then you may be in the clear, depending on how gruesome the task at hand is.

Pet Betrayals

Having a dog decide between their friend and “best” friend is actually a confidence breaker. We all want to have that bond with an animal, but some of us get luckier than others when we attract their attention. Just don’t take it out on anybody if you start noticing your sibling getting more cuddle time with your furry friend.

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