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    Teen Makes Unexpected Confession Under Anesthesia

    One of the most common questions about anesthesia is whether it will make you confess your deepest secrets. While anesthesia doesn’t make you spill the beans, it can make for a funny video when you decide to be a little too honest.  This video featuring a love-struck teen in a dentist’s office shows how that […] More

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    70 photoshop fails people noticed immediately

    There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons to use Photoshop. There’s a great example in this slideshow where someone should have used it to get rid of a naked man in the background. That’s a good, legitimate reason. But there are also so many advertisements that use Photoshop to create unrealistic standards for human […] More

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    40 people who took an idea to the wacky level

    Imagine you’re walking down the street and you see a telephone booth filled with goldfish. Then you look over to your left, and suddenly, there’s a car wrapped entirely in aluminum foil. You might be surprised to learn that these things really happen to people! The truth is that some ideas are so insane, they […] More

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    30 times karma got a little carried away

    Karma is a funny old thing. Sometimes, it won’t rear its ugly head until years after you did something bad- then just when you think you’re in the clear- surprise! Here it is. We’re all for a bit of light-hearted karma to help teach people a lesson, but sometimes, karma just can’t help to take […] More

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